Magaracy Enchanted Rose

Material Options
1. Real Preserved Flower (will last up to 2 years.)
2. Silk Rose (Out of Stock)

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Everlasting Love for Your Loved One
Show your love for her with this beautiful Enchanted Rose and make her feel like the princess she really is.

Product Description:
Every girl has once dreamt of being a princess. But have you buried this dream
in your memories, thinking that it will remain a fantasy for the rest of your life? Relive that dream with the Enchanted Rose.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a perfect gift, cease the search! Express your love to your family, friends or special someone with a rose that symbolizes affection, compassion, and appreciation.

Battery-powered. No need to worry about charging the lamp with its battery-powered feature.

Glass dome. The captivating red flower is enclosed in a glass dome to highlight its elegance.

Wooden base. Aside from its fascinating style, you will also admire its quality. the base is crafted with excellent wood.

Package includes:
1 Rose 
1 White Led Strip Light
1 Glass Dome
1 Wooden Base


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